10 Dog Breeds That Hardly Ever Bark

We have prepared a list of 15 breeds of dogs that almost never bark. Noisy dogs have their advantages – big barking dogs are great at chasing intruders for example – but more often than not, a gentle dog that keeps you quietly company is ideal. It’s not that we don’t like chatty breeds with a lot of personality, but barking dogs can be a breaking factor.

1.Bernese Mountain Dog :

The Bernese cattleman was originally a working breed found on Swiss farms. These gentle giants now work well with young families thanks to their balanced nature. However, they will have favourites, often focusing on a particular person. This dog may not be the most suitable for new dog owners because it has a LOT of energy, which can make it difficult for inexperienced dog owners to train.

2.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :

It’s not for nothing that Charlotte had one in Sex and the City. The attributes of this breed of toys perfectly match city life: quiet, friendly and (of course) incredibly cute. But it’s not just a salon dog, most people don’t know how athletic this breed can be. They love long walks and running (in pursuit of other animals), and some of them have even shown great promise as hunting dogs! This does not mean that they are too energetic, it all depends on your own lifestyle, because they will adapt to it.

3.French Bulldog :

Another happy resident of an apartment, the French do not need much exercise, other than quick walks. Nor does their playful nature manifest themselves through barking, but rather by affection. These dogs are very easy to train, making them a great choice for new dog owners. They are also friendly with virtually everyone, making them excellent family dogs.

4.English Bulldog :

The same goes for the English Bulldog! The strongest puppies don’t keep quiet too often because they just keep sleeping on the couch. Their muscles may seem intimidating, but these gentle dogs don’t hurt a fly. Even if they are very gentle dogs, they can also be trained to make excellent watchdogs, but it depends entirely on your preferences. English bulldogs don’t have much energy, so if you’re not a fan of long, frequent walks, this is a very good choice for you.

5.Basenji :

The basenji is literally known as the “dog without barking”, but the breed is not completely mute. When they decide to talk, the dogs make strange noises that look like jodels. These dogs have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. They’re incredibly friendly dogs, so you won’t have to worry about fights, and they’re great apartment dogs. On the other hand, they are very difficult to train and the breed is very rare, so expect long waiting lists.

6.Borzoi :

The American Kennel Club describes the Borzoi breed as “calm and feline,” but the Borzois stand out in more ways than one. These greyhound-like dogs can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour when they start sprinting! But don’t expect them to sprint too often at full speed, as these dogs have very little energy and are perfectly happy to bask all day. But they don’t like to be alone too much, so this dog may not be the best choice if you work a lot.

7.Scottish Deerhound :

With a height of almost a meter at the shoulder, a Scottish Deerhound, or simply a Deerhound, will not stand on your lap, but the big running dog compensates with a dignified and gentle personality. Thanks to their average energy level, they can enjoy a good outdoor gallop, followed by a long nap. Despite the intimidating appearance of this dog, he loves people and he is very good with children. However, this dog is not suitable for apartment living, as it needs space and exercise.

8.Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier :

Wheatens bark when necessary, but they usually make their presence known through what is called the “Wheaten greetin”” an enthusiastic greeting with lots of jumps. There are not many breeds of dogs that are friendlier than this one, but even though it is extremely friendly, it is also very difficult to train because of its playful character. This dog also has no problem spending his time in an apartment, just make sure he has enough company.

9.Shiba Inu :

Although they are best known as part of the popular doge meme, Shibas won’t be saying “much wow” anytime soon. The dogs stay quite calm – until they start shouting “Shiba” from time to time. For some, this famous cry looks a bit like the meowing of a cat! Although these dogs are certainly not the easiest to train, they are very easy to use once the training is complete. They have no problem being left alone in an apartment, so it’s a good choice for city dwellers.

10.Australian Shepherd :

Active and brilliant, the Aussies as a breed actually developed mainly in the United States. Breeders will alert their owners if necessary, but they are unlikely to start barking in the event of a storm. Aussies are very sensitive dogs who hate to be alone, other than that they also need a lot of space, so they are not suitable for apartments. If you have a lot of time and space, this is a great breed of dog, as they are very easy to train and very affectionate.

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